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There are a variety of patients that benefit from vascular surgery consults. Learn more about vascular disease screening with Baptist Health Hardin.

Vascular Disease Screening in Elizabethtown, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Murtuza Habeeb, MD, Vascular Surgery:
There’s a variety of patients who benefit from vascular surgery consults. One of the most common types of patients we see are patients who have trouble walking because they have plaque buildup or blockages in the blood vessels in their legs. There are patients who are diabetic who have ulcers that are not healing, patients who’ve had strokes or a history of stroke, patients who’ve had blockages in their carotid arteries that can put them at risk of having a stroke, patients who’ve had aneurysms. Aneurysms are blood vessels blowing up like a balloon. If they get to be too big, they can rupture and potentially kill you. Those are some of the patients who can benefit from vascular surgery consults.

Vascular disease can be caused by multiple things. Smoking is a big thing. Genetics is another thing. In fact, in patients who’ve had parents who’ve had aneurysms, there’s a 15% chance that the parents will pass on that gene to them. They should get tested, and there are screening tools for that. We not only do the screenings here, but we can treat them. 

If a patient needs to get something done and we’ve seen them in the office and they need some sort of intervention, whether it’s minimally invasive or an open operation, then we can do it right here. We don’t need to refer them out. That’s the convenience of it. We offer everything that a bigger institution can offer right here at Baptist Health Hardin. We can treat the entire spectrum of vascular disease right here at this hospital, so patients don’t have to travel farther. It makes it easier for families to visit the patients. It makes it easier for patients themselves, for follow-up testing and things like that.

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