Heart Failure Clinic

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Heart Failure Clinic

Nurse practitioner Brandi Scott, APRN, talks about the services and resources offered in the hospital’s Heart Failure Clinic and discusses the symptoms of heart disease.

The Heart Failure Clinic Health Talks Transcript

Brandi Scott, APRN
The national average for readmissions for heart failure is about 22 to 24 percent, so that means that about 1 in 5 patients return to the hospital within 30 days of going home. With the heart failure clinic in place, our goal is to capture those patients and to develop a relationship with them and help them manage their symptoms appropriately and safely at home or in our clinic to prevent them from returning to the hospital. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of heart failure is the most important thing we can try to teach our patient in the clinic. Symptoms that patients should look for are: fatigue, being tired more easily, not being able to lie flat when they’re sleeping, sleeping on more pillows, and swelling in their legs and their abdomen. You also need to watch for unexplained chest pain that you need to be evaluated for. In our heart failure clinic we provide information about your disease process, medications that you take, activity, your diet and how best to follow it, as well as any other questions that you might have. In a small community like Madisonville, we’re very fortunate to have a heart failure clinic. I believe that most of us can all say that we know somebody who has heart failure. It’s very helpful to know that you have a place to go and all of our patients are very grateful for having somebody who’ll pick up whenever they call.

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