Why is Breastfeeding Important?

Baptist Health Madisonville: Why is Breastfeeding Important?

Lactation specialist Amanda Prow discusses the health benefits of breastfeeding and the support system Baptist Health Madisonville offers to help new mothers succeed.

Why is Breastfeeding Important Health Talks Transcript

Amanda Prow, Lactation Specialist
Breastfeeding is the ultimate bonding experience between you and your baby. Nothing can replace that. It’s also optimal nutrition for your baby — it’s the best thing you can give them. Your body makes it on its own, God’s perfect design. Many benefits to your baby come with breastfeeding. It decreases the risk of juvenile diabetes, decreases the risk of respiratory infections, ear infections, diarrhea — nothing can compare to it.

The breastfeeding classes offered will get you prepared with what to expect. I want to make sure that the mom feels confident. I want her to be able to tell when her baby’s hungry, I want her to be able to tell when her baby is full, how many times the baby should have a dirty diaper a day. Those things are crucial when you get home and you’re there by yourself, to know that everything’s going to go okay. In the hospital, I make a point to round on all the patients to make sure that the baby is latching well, the baby is drinking plenty of milk, and that mother can properly latch the baby to keep things from happening, such as soreness, not proper weight gain, or things like that. I want to make sure you and the baby are prepared to go home.

Breastfeeding can be hard in the beginning, but it gets so much easier with time. Here at Baptist Health, you have people available who want to help you with your breastfeeding journey.


For more information, call Amanda Prow at 270.825.5747 to learn more about the “Basics of Breastfeeding” classes.

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