Just One Thing: 10-Minute Fitness


Want to get some exercise but don’t know where to start?

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier on weekdays.

We know — sleep is precious. But stealing that 10 minutes to start a fitness routine is well worth it. Commit to doing a simple sequence right in your bedroom or living room.

Here’s the drill:

10 pushups

10 lunges on each side

10 jumping jacks

10-second plank

Modify as needed. If you can’t do a regular pushup, put your knees down. If you can’t do it with your knees down, push against the wall. The goal here is to begin, not to be perfect.

As the routine gets easier — and it will — up your numbers. Try 15 pushups, or 20 lunges on each side, or 30 jumping jacks. Hold your plank longer. You might need more than 10 minutes eventually, but by then you’ll feel the difference in your muscles.

And — voila! — you’ll have an exercise routine.

Note: Just One Thing is an occasional feature offering doable tips and tricks for a healthier life.

Get in the game — and stay there — with the help of orthopedic and sports medicine experts at Baptist Health.

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