Kentucky LEADS Program

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Kentucky LEADS Program

Oncology Services directory Diana Jackson describes how the Kentucky LEADS program provides education and support to lung cancer survivors, helping them live a better life.

The Kentucky LEADS Program Health Talks Transcript

Diana Jackson, Director of Oncology Services
LEADS stands for Lung Cancer, Education, Awareness, Detection and Survivorship. The goal is to help patients recognize how to survive. We are on the survivorship arm of this study, and when you have cancer, you’re daily trying to figure out how to survive, so this is just an educational process to where the patient and the family member can go through various things and identify what their needs are, and then we can work toward helping them meet those needs. Any patient that has been diagnosed with lung cancer, it doesn’t matter how old they are, it doesn’t matter what stage they are, if they are interested, it will be a very easy, kind of fun thing for them to do to participate. It will take a little time, because they are asked to complete surveys and some educational pieces and get with our nurse navigator, our oncology social worker and others — research nurse as well. Since there are many people participating in this initiative, we hope that we can see how we can better help patients in the future.

First of all, we know what causes lung cancer and we know what we can do to prevent it. We hope that down the road we can identify early what these patients really need to help them when they are diagnosed, and we hope to see that we are eventually going to reduce lung cancer in Kentucky.

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