Knee Replacement Surgery in La Grange


Baptist Health La Grange: Knee Replacement Surgery

Watch a patient’s story of how recent advances in knee replacement surgery impacted his experience. Baptist Health offers new advances in knee replacement surgery to improve the procedure and encourage faster recovery for patients.

Knee Replacement Surgery HealthTalks Transcript

Eugene Jacob, MD
The key to doing a total knee replacement is to balance the knee, balance the ligaments, so the knee is stable to flexion/extension, and the patient can have a normal gait.

The navigational tools, which have become available here in the last five years or more, assist with balancing the knee and help prevent postoperative problems. I think it makes for a quicker recovery for the patient and generally, I think they’re getting better results.

Wendell Moore, Oldham County, Kentucky
The pain was when I rake hay, bale hay, cut hay — that’s when it really began to show that I wasn’t going to be able to do that very long.

Dr. Jacob
I usually tell people, when it comes time to scheduling the surgery, that the time to proceed, the decision to proceed, is their decision to make. Whether we do the surgery next week, next month or next year, the surgery is the same. When they are tired of living with the pain and the limitations that the pain causes, that’s the time to proceed.

It was a good experience. The actual surgery was not where most of the work was. Most of the work was in the therapy after surgery, and I did everything that was recommended.

Going up-and-down steps was one thing that was hard to do before I had the operation, and it changed. Oh, it got better.

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