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Baptist Health La Grange: Immediate Stroke Treatment

Early stroke treatment is typically associated with a better outcome. Find out how Baptist Health provides immediate treatment for stroke symptoms.

Get Immediate Stroke Treatment in La Grange, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Jason Dugger, MD, Emergency Medicine:
A stroke is an injury to the brain. A stroke usually involves the sudden loss of something that your body could ordinarily do. Signs of a stroke will usually involve new dizziness or difficulties walking because of lack of balance or new weakness to one side or one half of your body, such as your face, your arm or your leg. It could be a change in vision, or even just the inability to speak clearly.

Trudy Wheeler, patient:
My face was really drooped. I couldn’t use my right hand. I couldn’t walk on my right leg. My husband called 911 and told them that I was having a stroke. The ambulance came and got me. We came here. The doctors and nurses were absolutely, positively wonderful.

Dr. Dugger:
It’s very important to seek care immediately for any kind of stroke symptom. The longer you wait, the more severe the injury could be to the brain. The earlier you get to the emergency room, the earlier we can help formulate a plan to treat and help in that situation.

Our whole team will move quickly in a coordinated effort to take care of the patient. We will take the patient to radiology to get some images of their brain, which gives us critical information. I will talk to a neurology stroke specialist via telehealth, and we’ll work together to make the best plan for the patient.

They were caring. They cared that I was scared to death. I know one nurse started TPA, a blood-clot medicine, and she never left my side. I think they saved my life.

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