Inspire Sleep Apnea Treatment in La Grange, KY

Baptist Health La Grange: A New Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Baptist Health La Grange offers the Inspire device implant as an option for sleep apnea treatment. Learn how this new sleep apnea treatment compares to using a CPAP device.

Inspire Sleep Apnea Treatment in La Grange, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Bryan Murphy, MD, Ear, Nose & Throat:
Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which a person stops their breathing during sleep. It can actually be normal to stop your breathing a few times during a night of sleep. If you stop your breathing a number of times during sleep, it could begin to create problems in your body. Your oxygen level can diminish, and this creates pressure on your heart and other systems in the body. One of the most concerning health issues about sleep apnea is alertness. It can affect your alertness during driving and other activities during the day, and even affect your work and your interactions with family members. Inspire offers patients who cannot tolerate positive pressure therapy, or a CPAP mask, an alternative type of treatment in which they do not have to wear a mask or any device over the face.

Inspire is a small medical device that’s inserted surgically into the body. During the night it’s perfectly timed to your breathing to gently open the airway, allowing an easier pathway for air to get into the lung. It’s treating the sleep apnea. Why I’m so passionate about this treatment is [because] there are just so many patients out there who are completely untreated for their sleep apnea. They feel as if they failed because they could not tolerate the CPAP. I think if we’re able to reach these patients, we can protect so many from the cardiovascular effects of sleep apnea. That’s what I’m hoping to do with this new treatment.

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