Baptist Health Urgent Care vs. ER in La Grange, KY

Baptist Health La Grange: Baptist Health Urgent Care vs. ER

Going to urgent care or the ER depends on the severity of an illness or injury. Learn more about how they differ and how Baptist Health approaches care.

Baptist Health Urgent Care vs. ER in La Grange, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Steven Skaggs, MD, Emergency Medicine:
The emergency medicine department is set up to treat the truly ill and injured, and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Whereas an urgent care center is more for minor injuries or minor illnesses. It’s two completely different levels of care.

LaGenia Wright, APRN, Urgent Care:
You really should utilize the urgent care for any acute, minor medical illnesses or injuries. The advantage of coming here instead of the emergency room is number one, we’re going to get you in and out a lot quicker than they would in the ER for those types of illnesses and injuries. Also, it keeps the ER cleared for what they need to be there for, which is life-threatening emergencies.

Dr. Skaggs:
Having an urgent care center and the emergency room so close together is very nice. A patient goes, for example, to the urgent care center having chest pain or shortness of breath, they will fairly quickly realize that this patient is more complex and send them to the ER. So they get to the proper level of care as quickly as possible.

I think patients should come here to visit us at the urgent care in La Grange, because all of us are very compassionate and really do care a lot about the patient population. We do our best to try to provide the best care possible.

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