Chemotherapy Advances


Baptist Health La Grange: Chemotherapy Advances

Oncologist BLAKELY KUTE, MD discusses chemotherapy advancements that decrease side effects of cancer treatment. Baptist Health La Grange provides infusion therapy with new drugs that target specific tumors.

Chemotherapy Advances Health Talks Transcript

Blakely Kute, MD
Anytime that there is a diagnosis of cancer, it is very traumatic, very stressful. There are many advances in chemotherapy, there are new drugs coming out daily. The key to the new drugs is that it is really a more specific target toward cell growth pathways, which is phenomenal because when we become more and more specific in our treatments, we decrease side effects.

Now we are even able to test certain people’s cancers with certain drugs to see if that tumor or that patient’s tumor will respond to a specific chemotherapy. We have the capabilities of mixing chemotherapy on site rather than having it sent from another location, which really helps increase our efficiency. It decreases patient’s wait time significantly, and while you are undergoing treatment for chemotherapy, the shorter amount of time you have to wait for anything the better. Patients are finding that the services that they get out here at Baptist Health La Grange are as good as any of the services they could get at larger facilities across the nation. We are also able to provide a very personal environment with wonderful continuity of care.

I love working at Baptist Health La Grange, I’ve really found that I’ve developed those personal relationships with my patients and their families. I think I get as much out of seeing them every week and having that continuity as they do.