Ear Tube Placement Surgery (Myringotomy) in La Grange, Kentucky

Baptist Health La Grange: Ear Tube Placement Surgery (Myringotomy)

An ear tube placement surgery (myringotomy) helps with treating ear infections. Learn about this ENT (ear, nose and throat) treatment from Baptist Health.

Ear Tube Placement Surgery (Myringotomy) in La Grange, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Bryan Murphy, MD, Otolaryngology:       
ENT is short for ears, nose and throat. We take care of all, both adult and childhood disorders of the ear, nose and throat. One of the things I like about this specialty is that we get to provide both pediatric and adult care.

Currently, we are offering surgery here at Baptist Health La Grange for ear tube insertion for childhood ear disease, and tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for recurrent tonsil infection or recurrent sore throat.

Symptoms of acute ear infection include inconsolable crying or frequent nocturnal awakening, diminished appetite, fussiness, and of course, fever. All of these are signs that your fluid may have turned into ear infection.

Other risk factors for recurrent ear disease that might require tube insertion include: RSV infection in the first six months; early onset of the first ear infection, perhaps even at 4 months of age; a child who is in group daycare; or a child who has suffered frequent upper respiratory illnesses.

The benefit of tube insertion is to provide a small ventilation opening in the eardrum. This prevents the re-accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum, which both protects the child from infection and improves their hearing immediately.

Tubes are designed to stay in place anywhere from 12 to 15 months. Once the tube is out, most children have outgrown their ear problems.

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