Lung Scans for Smokers in La Grange, KY

Baptist Health La Grange: Lung Cancer Screening for Smokers

Early detection of lung cancer starts with lung cancer screenings. Learn more about lung cancer screenings for smokers at Baptist Health La Grange.

Lung Scans for Smokers in La Grange, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Richard Waggener, MD, Diagnostic Radiology:
The goal is to detect lung cancer at a very early stage, when it’s more likely to be cured. By the time lung cancer grows enough to cause signs and symptoms for the patient, the cancer’s usually too advanced for curative treatment. Lung cancer screening reduces the risk of dying of lung cancer. The eligibility criteria have recently expanded to allow more current and former smokers to benefit from lung screening. If you’re 50 years of age or older and a current or former smoker with 20 years or more pack-year history of smoking, you’re eligible for low-dose CT screening.

CT scanners are high-tech X-ray machines that use a computer to generate highly detailed images of the lungs. Low-dose CT is simply that. It lowers the X-ray dose to the lowest possible dose and still detects small, early cancers accurately. What this low dose does is allow for screening to be done every year, safely. At Baptist Health La Grange, we have two accredited facilities, one in La Grange and the other in Crestwood, that are easy to access and easy to schedule. 

I would tell any smoker to talk to their healthcare provider, discuss your smoking history and other risk factors, and decide if adding low-dose lung cancer screening to your preventive health strategy is right for you. Smokers need to know that, if they get annual screening, it can reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer.

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