Newly Renovated Hospital ER in La Grange, Kentucky


Baptist Health La Grange: Newly Renovated Hospital ER

Our emergency medicine team is equipped to service three counties in Kentucky. Learn more about Baptist Health’s newly renovated hospital ER in La Grange.

Newly Renovated Hospital ER HealthTalks Transcript

Thomas Pope, MD, Emergency Medicine:
Patients come to the Emergency Department at Baptist Health La Grange because we are the closest, we serve three counties. If you have a true emergency, you want to go to the closest ER. We’re prepared to treat everything, from trauma to heart attacks, strokes, pediatrics or orthopedic injuries. We’re prepared to treat everything.

Patients are seen, usually within 10 minutes, by the triage nurse. I’m from Louisville, and I tell all my friends that I can make up their drive time in my waiting room in a hurry. You’re seen very quickly by physicians, especially if you need to be seen. Obviously, the sooner the better if it’s a true emergency.

Patients coming here, I think they can feel confident they’re going to get the best care. They have the same quality physicians, nursing staff and specialists that you do at the bigger hospitals, but you get to see them very quickly.

I hope the renovation will improve patients’ experiences by the fact that they now have private rooms. It’s a much quieter, more inviting space. It will make a difference that they feel more comfortable with it. It’s wonderful to see that Baptist is investing in our community so that we can provide better service and quicker service to our patients. To watch how this ER has changed [during] the many years I’ve been here is wonderful.

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