Laryngeal Videostroboscopy in Corbin

Baptist Health Corbin: Laryngeal Videostroboscopy

Watch a laryngeal videostroboscopy procedure to discover potential causes for vocal cord dysfunction, hoarseness, and loss of voice. Baptist Health provides this quick and painless procedure to help figure out potential causes for these vocal irritations.

Laryngeal Videostroboscopy HealthTalks Transcript

Chelsea Jones, Speech-Language Pathology
Videostroboscopy is an evaluation of your vocal quality by looking at your larynx in real time using a strobe light to watch your vocal cord characteristics while they’re in motion, while you’re doing different voice tasks, to see if there are any vocal abnormalities or reasons for causing hoarseness or any other vocal dysfunctions you may have.

A person might want to have videostroboscopy done because they are having vocal discomfort. We see a lot of church singers who experience frequent hoarseness or changes in their vocal quality. It could also be from maybe they were on a ventilator, and they’ve had some vocal cord damage from having the tube down, anything such as that.

Videostroboscopy is performed by an experienced speech-language pathologist with experience in voice and upper airway disorders. They pass a small, flexible endoscope through your nose and follow it down into your larynx to watch your vocal cords. They have you do different things during the evaluation to test the vibratory characteristics.

There is no preparation needed for videostroboscopy. You can eat and drink normally before the test. Once the test is over — it takes about five minutes and it’s not painful — the speech-language pathologist will review the images with you and tell you if there’s further follow-up needed with a specialist, or send you back to your referring provider with a treatment plan of what you need to do afterward.

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