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Bariatric surgery can benefit patients with obesity or those who want to lose 100 pounds or more. Learn about weight-loss surgery options available at Baptist Health.

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Paige Quintero, MD, Bariatric Surgery:
Obesity contributes to many medical problems. There are the ones that we commonly think of, like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. There’s some others that we don’t always think about, such as cancer. You have a lot higher risk of developing several different types of cancer if you suffer from obesity. At Baptist, we offer several surgical options for weight loss. If you have 100 pounds or more to lose, you likely will not lose it without bariatric surgery. I’m actually a bariatric surgery patient, and I’ve had the sleeve gastrectomy.

So many of us have tried for so many years to lose weight and keep it off. We’ve tried diets, we’ve tried exercise, and we’ve tried weight-loss medications. A lot of us haven’t had the long-term success that we want with that, but that’s what’s different about surgery. This gives you a lifelong tool to decrease hunger, to decrease the amount of foods you can eat, to quell those cravings, and keep the weight off.

Being a bariatric surgeon feels like a calling to me. I understand my patients. I am my patients. They are me. They’re my mother. They’re my aunt. They’re my husband. I do this because I know that this is a thing that I can help people with. I have a lot of patients who are so grateful after surgery because they’re able to work. They don’t have back pain anymore. They don’t have to take diabetes medicines like they used to. They can play with their children. They can have a family because they’ve gotten their lives back.

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