Cancer Risk Management Program in Lexington, KY

Baptist Health Lexington: Cancer Risk Management Program

The cancer risk management center at Baptist Health offers genetic testing to help detect cancer early on. Learn more about our cancer risk management clinic.

Cancer Risk Management Program in Lexington, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Jessica Schorck, APRN, Gynecologic Oncology:
The high-risk clinic is a part of the Cancer Care Center here at Baptist Health Lexington. It’s run out of the cancer clinic where patients can come and get the coordination and multidisciplinary care that they need once they’ve been identified to be high risk for a particular malignancy, or [they] have a family genetic mutation that’s been identified.

Sara Campbell, MS, CGC, LGC, Genetic Counseling Center:
Through genetic testing, we might identify that someone has an increased risk for certain types of cancers. For example, if we find they have an increased risk for breast cancer, we have options available, including increased screening where they can have mammograms and breast MRIs every year, starting at earlier ages. That increases the chance that, if something were to develop, it will be found at an earlier, more treatable stage.

Once the patient is established with the high-risk clinic, that gives us an opportunity to follow them over time. Usually, we see patients at least yearly, if not twice yearly, to see where they are in their screening regimen, how they’re doing on any medications, where they are as far as age and risk, and if they qualify for surgical intervention. It allows the patient also to have one, central location that if they were to find a problem, such as a new breast lump, they know exactly whom to call and that it’s going to be worked up very, very quickly.

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