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Baptist Health Lexington offers a family care center in Frankfort, KY. This center offers primary care services for all ages, including preventative care. Learn more.

Family Care in Lexington, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Punita Dhindsa, MD, Family Medicine, Frankfort:
As a family medicine physician, we are the patient’s first point of contact. We also see patients of all ages. That’s kind of what makes family medicine special, we have to do a little bit of everything. We offer a lot of services here at this office for primary care. We do a lot of infant, young youth care, but we also provide a lot of care for middle aged and the elderly. We manage routine body care for anybody else who has a complaint and walks in this door.

What I’m most proud of as a family physician is being able to say that I made a change in the community I live in and seeing the appreciation that patients have. I think it’s really important when you’re practicing in a small community. I think patients really see their family physician as a family member. I think just them knowing that there’s someone there who they can trust for anything that they or their family needs will almost encourage them to make an effort to take care of themselves and come in more routinely.

Our goal is to not only treat you when you have a problem that’s come up, but to prevent that problem from even happening. That’s why we emphasize coming in regularly and making sure we can prevent the hypertension, the diabetes. Anything that we can do to keep you healthy, that’s what we’re here for — to guide you along that way to live a long, healthy life.

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