Catheter Heart Ablation in Lexington, Kentucky

Baptist Health Lexington: Catheter Heart Ablation

A cardiac ablation is a procedure used to cure various abnormal heart arrhythmias. Learn more about a catheter ablation of the heart from Baptist Health.

Catheter Heart Ablation in Lexington, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Johan Aasbo, DO, Cardiology:
Catheter ablation of the heart is a procedure where we insert — through veins or arteries — equipment into the inside of the heart to try to cure different arrhythmias. Typically, these are fast, abnormal heart rhythms. Some of these can be life threatening. Many of them, however, are not.

Catheter ablations for different heart rhythms generally fall into two categories — there are simpler rhythms, which are easier to treat, and then there are more complicated arrhythmias, where the procedure to get rid of them with catheter ablation is more involved. A complex catheter ablation might be for the rhythm, called atrial fibrillation, and there are different kinds of rhythms from the top chamber of the heart that are also complicated. Also, we perform ablations in the bottom chambers or ventricles of the heart.

Baptist Health Lexington is a unique institution. We have the blessing of being able to participate in numerous national/international studies. Some of these studies are looking at cutting-edge technology that’s not available anywhere in Kentucky, often in the region. Some of these studies are for new kinds of devices that we can implant into patients to improve their quality of life and perhaps affect favorably their risk of dying. Other studies are looking at options for ablating rhythms in a safer, easier, more effective way. We really put a lot of focus and attention on that here, because that’s part of the culture here at Baptist Health in Lexington.

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