How to Prevent a Heart Attack in Lexington

Baptist Health Lexington: How to Prevent a Heart Attack

Interventional cardiologist Azhar Aslam, MD, discusses heart attack prevention and steps patients can take to help avoid heart disease. Learn more in this video from Baptist Health Lexington.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack in Lexington HealthTalks Transcript

Azhar Aslam, MD, Interventional Cardiology:
Despite all the efforts, heart disease remains a No. 1 cause of death all over the world, especially in the United States. Based on research, we know there are seven features that can lead to an event-free, heart-healthy life. These include: no smoking; no consumption of processed sugars, carbohydrates or saturated fats; regular exercise, including 30 minutes, five times a week, or at least 150 minutes per week in different, divided intervals; a blood pressure goal of less than 120/80; fasting blood sugar goal of less than 100; total cholesterol goal of less than 200; and a BMI or body mass index of less than 25, which is a ratio of your height to weight.

It is easy to ignore your health, but with a little bit of effort, minor changes over a long period of time can have excellent long-term benefits.

It is a proven fact that family history and genetics plays an important role in developing heart disease and all other diseases. However, just because your father or mother or your family has suffered from a heart attack, does not mean that you should fall victim to the same disease. You can be more aggressive in modifying your risk factors, taking care of your health in better ways, and prevent that heart attack.

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