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High-level cancer care at Baptist Health Lexington helps patients navigate their diagnosis and develop a plan. Learn more about our cancer care specialists.

High-Level Cancer Care in Lexington, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Amy Schell, MD, Hematology & Oncology:
Here at Baptist Health Lexington, we want to try to create the highest level of patient experience that we can. When a patient is first diagnosed with cancer, there are so many things they worry about and need to know. We try to address all of those issues during the first several days of their visit to the cancer center. At a patient’s first visit, they will meet with their oncologist. They’ll talk about the diagnosis, what that means, and what they can expect going forward. They will start to develop a treatment plan and they’ll have an opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

Once a patient starts their treatment, we try to continue the same level of attention and support as they go through it. We have social workers who can help with family or transportation needs that come up. We have dietitians who will talk to patients about the best nutrition during their treatment and afterward. There are financial counselors who can help to figure out the often overwhelming financial aspects of cancer care. We have an urgent care clinic that is oncology specific. If patients have immediate needs during treatment, they can be seen the same day to be evaluated and get the care that they need.

I think Baptist Health Lexington is a great hospital to get your cancer treatment. We treat patients like we would treat our family members and really want to provide the best experience that we can.

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