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Baptist Health Lexington: Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) Treatment

In order to treat mitral valve prolapse (MVP), mitral valve repair or replacement may be necessary. Learn more about MVP treatment from Baptist Health.

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) Treatment in Lexington, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Paula Hollingsworth, MD, Interventional Cardiology:
Mitral valve prolapse is a structural defect of the mitral valve that has several different causes. It’s really an echocardiographic diagnosis, but something that a lot of people do have questions about. There are people with classic mitral valve prolapse where they have billowing-type leaflets, a collagen vascular issue, which is the cause of mitral valve prolapse in a lot of people. Those people have a risk for worsening mitral valve prolapse over time, and those people may ultimately need to have some kind of surgery.

Mitral valve repair is preferred over mitral valve replacement because the repairs these days are very durable. The risk associated with the mitral valve repair is much less than that with a replacement.

At Baptist Health Lexington, we are capable of taking care of absolutely everything that is required for a diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse, be it mild, moderate or severe. We have excellent surgeons who can do mitral valve repairs and mitral valve replacements. We have a MitraClip™ team who does MitraClip™ on people who are not surgical candidates, if they have mitral valve prolapse and it’s significant enough to warrant an intervention. Being able to take care of people with valvular heart disease is wonderful. It’s the thing that makes me want to come to work every day.

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