Treating Tumors with Radixact® Tomotherapy in Lexington, Kentucky

Baptist Health Lexington: Treating Tumors with Radixact® Tomotherapy

Radixact® is a tumor treatment procedure that can target hard-to-reach cancers, with fewer side effects. Learn more about Radixact® TomoTherapy from Baptist Health.

Treating Tumors with Radixact® Tomotherapy in Lexington, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Jonathan Feddock, MD, Radiation Oncology:
One of the things that I think we do very well here at Baptist Health is we have multiple, different treatment platforms and we have very good specialized treatment options. In addition to our Elekta Versa™, which is our more mainstream radiation machine, we also have the CyberKnife® unit, which is ideal for treating those really small tumors.

The Radixact® radiation machine delivers the treatments actually in a full circle, all the way around the patient. The machine is continuously moving. What it allows us to do is do a much better job treating something that’s circular, or more importantly, protecting something that’s circular in the body. So, this is a great treatment machine if we want to treat hard-to-reach cancers that are deep seated, in say the chest or the pelvis, and they’re right next to something that we want to protect.

The Radixact® radiation machine actually allows us to re-evaluate patients as we progress through treatment. One of the problems that we have with people as they’re going through chemotherapy and radiation is they commonly lose weight, and their tumors shrink. This machine allows us to real time re-evaluate how the process is going. If the tumor is shrinking, we don’t have to wait a week to 10 days to create a new radiation plan. We can actually do it quickly, almost same-day turnaround.

What it really means in terms of the total outcome for patients is a better treatment that is more accurate, more precise, and with less side effects.

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