Robot Assisted Laparoscopy in Gynecologic Surgery


Baptist Health Lexington: Robot Assisted Laparoscopy in Gynecologic Surgery

Gynecological surgery using DaVinci offers benefits such as a shorter recovery time. Learn more about robotic assisted gynecologic surgery from Baptist Health.

Robot Assisted Laparoscopy in Gynecologic Surgery HealthTalks Transcript

Monica Vetter, MD, Gynecologic Oncology:
The da Vinci robot is a robotic surgical platform that allows providers to perform minimally invasive surgery. It’s really been integrated across a wide variety of surgical specialties and procedures. The benefits of robotic surgery are pretty outstanding, particularly for patients. It allows for more complex procedures to be done. [There is] a shorter recovery time for patients; a shorter blood loss; and a shorter length of stay in the hospital, with the ability to get patients feeling better and feeling like themselves quickly.

It’s really been integrated in the field of gynecologic oncology, which is what I do. One of the particular benefits of this is I can perform complex cancer surgeries, particularly endometrial cancer staging and surgery, as well as surgery for complex pelvic masses, with all the wonderful benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

I’m very happy that I can offer this to my patients. I see the benefits for patients who otherwise would have gotten a large incision and had long stays in the hospital, or developed leg swelling after surgery. I have so many patients who go home the same day and get to sleep in their own beds the night of surgery, and they feel better than they did otherwise. I love the fact that most of my patients will come back to me and say, “Hey, that robotic surgery was much better than I thought. I was able to get back to my activities and live my life a lot faster than I thought.” So, that makes me really proud that we can offer that to our patients.

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