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Baptist Health Lexington: Screening for Breast Cancer

Baptist Health recommends getting your first mammogram screening by age 40. Learn more about scheduling a breast exam with our dedicated mammography team.

Screening for Breast Cancer HealthTalks Transcript

Angela Moore, MD
A screening mammogram is a routine mammogram that ladies get yearly. We recommend beginning screening mammography at age 40. You come in for your mammogram. You have two views of each breast. The technologist reviews the films to make sure they’re adequate, and they’re sent to the radiologist who interprets the films. If they are negative, or if there is a benign finding, you will receive a letter stating that. If the radiologist notes an abnormality, you may be asked to come back for additional views. There have been lots of studies that have shown annual screening mammography beginning at age 40 can reduce breast cancer mortality, 30 to 40 percent. Some patients are identified at being at increased risk. Some patients are genetically predisposed to developing breast cancer. We recommend those patients begin screening mammograms at age 30.

Baptist Health Lexington has four dedicated breast radiologists. We are looking at mammograms, breast ultrasounds, doing biopsies all day long. That is our primary focus. We really develop an expertise in that field. Changes on the mammogram can be subtle. Looking at mammograms daily to the volume that we see really hones our eye, gives us that special edge in finding small breast cancer.

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