Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Options in Richmond

Baptist Health Richmond: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Options

Baptist Health offers a variety of options for LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) to give our patients the ability to make decisions around family planning. Our physicians work with patients to find the best birth control option for their situation and needs.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Options HealthTalks Transcript

Ian Holbrook, MD
There are a lot of new birth control options available today. It’s not just pills and patches and condoms anymore. There are a lot of different forms. Baptist Health is now offering several options in the form of LARCs, which are long-acting reversible contraception.

There are several different kinds of LARCs. There’s an injectable progesterone shot given every 12 weeks. It’s an injection in the arm or the buttock. It gives a kind of reservoir progesterone in the muscle that releases over that period of time, so it would be four shots in a year. The other options would be an implant called Nexplanon® that is subdermal, meaning just under the skin and the arm, and there is what’s called an “intrauterine device” or an IUD. It’s a little T-shaped rod. It’s also an implant that goes in the uterus. There are several hormonal options with that, as well as a non-hormonal option.

The idea with LARC is that it gives women more options for highly effective forms of birth control. They have very low failure rates, less than 1 percent. They work for multiple years of time, but aren’t permanent, so they can be implanted and removed whenever.

With so many available options in the form of LARC now, they give women control over when they want to be pregnant, planning that family, with all the added benefits. Baptist Health Richmond would love to talk with you in more depth about these LARC options.

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