The Expanded Emergency Room in Louisville

Baptist Health Louisville: The Expanded Emergency Room

Baptist Health’s newly renovated emergency room provides faster, more accommodating treatment for trauma and medical emergencies. Our new private patient rooms, improved lobby, and additional provider coverage offer better care for patients and their families. Learn more about our expanded Emergency Department in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Expanded Emergency Room HealthTalks Transcript

David Biddle, MD
People come to the emergency room at Baptist [Health] for acute medical or traumatic emergencies. Medical emergencies could include chest pain, abdominal pain, shortness of breath. Another urgent reason would be stroke symptoms. If you were to have any acute neurologic problem, you need to seek treatment fast.

The ER at Baptist [Health] Louisville is special because of the people who are here. Our people are caring. We’re dedicated. We’re well-trained. All of the physicians in Baptist’s emergency room are board-certified emergency medicine physicians. We have teams on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for heart attack and stroke.

We’re all so excited to have the new renovated facility. The old area had 30 beds and [rooms] were often separated by curtains. All rooms now will be individual private rooms. We’ll have an improved lobby. We’ll have phone chargers. The triage area will be larger and more expedited. Radiology services will be improved. Most importantly, the patient rooms will be larger, and there will be more room for patients and families.

In year’s past, we’ve provided 80 hours of provider coverage every day. Now, we’ll be giving 105 hours of provider coverage, which will allow patients to be seen much more quickly. This will lead to an improved patient experience.

I chose emergency medicine because I love the variety. You see different things every day. I like to help patients who are sick — we often get a lot of sick patients, and we can make a difference very quickly.

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