Lung Cancer Screening

Baptist Health Louisville: Lung Cancer Screening

Thoracic surgeon JONATHAN KRAUT, MD discusses the risk factors for lung cancer, and describes the importance of lung cancer screening in early detection and successful treatment.

Lung Cancer Screening Health Talks Transcript

Jonathan Kraut, MD

The prevalence of lung cancer is very high. In 2015, it’s predicted that there will be 220,000 patients diagnosed with lung cancer. The mortality associated with that, or the death associated with it, is about 160,000 per year. Those individuals at risk for developing lung cancer are individuals who smoke. Eighty-five to 90 percent of all lung cancers are from smoking, so those individuals who should be screened for lung cancer are those who are former smokers, 30-pack-year history, and are between the ages of 55 and 77. Earlier detection of lung cancer is instrumental is prolonged survival. The best screening for lung cancer is CAT scan screening. CAT scans demonstrate smaller nodules, and we can pick them up sooner. The sooner we detect them, the earlier we can take action for a curative intent, and most of those treatments involve either a combination of therapies, or either chemo, radiation therapy or surgery. If a person is concerned that they have lung cancer, then they can talk with their primary care physician, and they can refer them to our lung cancer program here in a Baptist hospital, and we can schedule them for the appropriate test.

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