MitraClip® Heart Valve Procedure in Louisville, Kentucky

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Baptist Health Louisville: MitraClip® Heart Valve ProcedureHealthTalks Transcript

Mitral regurgitation is a type of valvular lesion whereby the mitral valve leaks, and blood regurgitates into the lungs. It is kind of a very silent creeper disease that can affect the heart ventricle, and can make it enlarge the heart and cause heart failure.

Brian Kaebnick, MD, Interventional Cardiology: 

The MitraClip® procedure is a percutaneous approach to repairing the mitral valve. This new technology allows us to use catheters, and from a noninvasive approach, address severe mitral regurgitation or a leaky mitral valve. The MitraClip procedure involves getting access in the leg vein. We go up through the leg vein and across the heart wall to access the mitral valve. Through that we can advance a clip, which allows us to splint the mitral valve together so that the leaky portion of it is supported by the normal portion. This can prevent or reduce the amount of regurgitation or leaking of the mitral valve. 


Dr. Flaherty

What really gets my blood pumping are all the developing therapeutic modalities that we’re seeing nowadays that make it such that we never have to tell a patient there’s nothing we can do. Now with MitraClip® mitral valve repair, there’s always an option for a patient.

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