The Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery Options in Louisville


Baptist Health Louisville: The Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery Options

Learn about the benefits of bariatric surgery by watching this patient’s story of how weight-loss surgery saved his life. Baptist Health Louisville offers new advances in weight-loss surgery options and procedures.

The Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery Options in Louisville HealthTalks Transcript

Keith Slack, Louisville, Kentucky:
I’ve always been a big guy, always been tall. In high school, I was around 240 pounds, so I was a pretty big guy then, but I was always an active guy. At one point, I started having problems with my back. I was having lower back pains. I woke up one morning; I couldn’t move anymore. It started to eat me up inside. I started to get depressed. Everything I ate turned straight to fat.

John Oldham Jr., MD, General & Bariatric Surgery:
Obesity causes a lot of diseases. We call them comorbidities — hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and so on. Weight-loss surgery is there to resolve comorbidities. The gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy is a bariatric procedure where we remove about 85 percent of the stomach. It’s actually taking part of the stomach that produces the ghrelin hormone, which is the hunger hormone, so a lot of gastric sleeve patients have a decreased hunger sensation or decreased appetite, because that hormone is being taken out.

I talked to Dr. Oldham. He told us about all these different options. I went with the gastric sleeve. It literally changed everything for me. I went from 421 pounds to down to where I’m at now, fluctuating between 225 and 230. What Dr. Oldham and his staff told me — you follow their program, I mean, I’ve lost 195 pounds. It works, and it works really, really good. I tell you, it saved my life. It really did.


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