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Baptist Health Louisville: Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Learn the symptoms of endometrial cancer and treatment options ranging from non-invasive therapies to surgical at Baptist Health in Louisville, KY.

Endometrial Cancer Treatment in Louisville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Erica Takimoto, DO, Gynecologic Oncology:
A [gynecologic] oncologist is a physician who takes care of women who have been diagnosed with cancer of the female reproductive tract. It includes cancers of the ovaries, fallopian tube, the peritoneum, uterus, cervix, vulva and vagina. Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy. It is a malignancy of the inside lining of the uterus. Generally, a patient will present to their gynecologist with a complaint of either abnormal bleeding or they feel a mass or a lump. A lot of times they’ll perform a biopsy and once the diagnosis is made, then they’ll refer them to me.

The first thing we do is talk about their diagnosis and what that diagnosis means. I believe that knowledge is empowering, so we go over all the questions that they have regarding their particular situation. We talk about all the treatment options in detail going forward. I usually give them a short-term and long-term game plan as to what to expect. Treatment can range from medical therapies to implantable uterine devices to surgical removal, which is a hysterectomy with or without a lymph node removal, if required.

It’s an honor to take care of patients who have cancer. They’re a very specific population. They can be very sick. In addition, they can be very afraid. It combines a high intensity of scientific knowledge with a high level of compassion.

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