Lung Cancer: The Road to Recovery

Kentucky leads the nation in lung cancer illness and deaths, and Indiana is not far behind. However, when discovered early, the disease is treatable, and patients have a much better prognosis.

In this episode, oncology nurse practitioner Tracy Hagan, APRN, stops by between seeing patients to shed light on lung cancer. She describes in detail the types of lung cancer, its stages, and typical treatment plans.

In addition, Hagan discusses the disease’s causes and risk factors such as smoking, the No. 1 cause of lung cancer deaths.

Listen now to learn who is eligible for preventive lung CT screenings and what to expect after a diagnosis.

Key Takeaways:

[1:19]  Kerri Bonner introduces Tracy Hagan, an advanced practice nurse at the Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center.

[1:49] Tracy talks about the delayed timing of most lung cancer diagnoses and the likelihood of smokers being diagnosed as well.

[3:51] Tracy talks about the two different types of lung cancer: non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer.

[5:05] Tracy talks about the screening available at the Mahr Cancer Center.

[5:41]  Mahr Cancer Center offers chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery to patients diagnosed with lung cancer.

[7:14] Tracy discusses the average prognosis of a patient with lung cancer.

[7:46] When a patient has completed their therapy at the cancer center, Tracy presents them with a survivorship care plan.

[8:27] Tracy discusses how a patient can function after having a portion of the lung removed. 

[9:04] Tracy shares the positive effects of quitting smoking and the decrease in many diseases and cancers.


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