Advancements in Knee Surgery

Baptist Health Madisonville: Advancements in Knee Surgery

Orthopedic surgeon JIM DODDS, MD discusses the partial knee replacement, an advancement that allows surgeons to preserve much of the knee, resulting in a faster recovery.

Advancements in Knee Surgery Health Talks Transcript

Jim Dodds, MD

The Oxford partial knee replacement, or unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, is where we would replace part of the knee, the part that is diseased, and in doing so, re-align the knee so that the mechanics are re-established, and that the wear pattern has changed to be in a more normal state. People who have arthritis that involve one part of their knee are generally a candidate for this type of procedure.

Cindy Skeen, Madisonville

We did the scope like the year before the surgery, and he told me then, you know, we are going to really have to do something soon.

Jim Dodds, MD

In Cindy’s case, we don’t know exactly what started her arthritis process, that at a younger age, she required a procedure like this, but she developed the arthritis changes, and non-operative measures weren’t helpful for her. Then we moved to those surgery options.

Cindy Skeen

His plan – he kept telling me, I’ll come up with a plan – was to have a surgery and be able to work some more and get closer to retirement before we did the full knee replacement, and not wear that out so much, you know, so, it sounded good to me, and now knowing, it is good.

I think it’s a huge service to our community that we can provide such a wide range of services here, and patients don’t have to travel farther to get orthopedic care.

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