The Advantages of Primary Care in Hopkinsville, KY

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Advantages of Primary Care in Hopkinsville, KY

Take advantage of primary care services and gain a deeper understanding of your medical history. Contact Baptist Health Madisonville to learn more.

The Advantages of Primary Care in Hopkinsville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Leo Moody, MD, Family Medicine, Hopkinsville:
It’s important for someone to establish care with a primary care provider because they get to know you and they get to know your health. They get to know your health risks, your habits, your family history, your genetic history, and what you’re at risk for developing. They can oftentimes find symptoms and hints that you would not normally find in a 10-minute visit at an ER or urgent care.

[There are] advantages to having a primary care physician. I think there have been quite a few studies that you [will] live longer. Additionally, if you care about being more responsible with your healthcare and finances, then it’s a lot cheaper for the patient. [Patients] also get better care because doctors are not repeating a lot of tests. They have your medical records so they can see if they need to repeat labs or if imaging needs to be done. They also will be able to catch things that otherwise would be missed because [other providers] just don’t have your information.

As a primary care physician, we see all kinds of patients, from infants to our geriatric population. So we’re the catchall. Obviously, if we need help we can get you to our specialists at Baptist Health to take good care of you. Being able to do that close to home is very beneficial to the patient. You’re not having to go to Nashville or somewhere out of network.

The importance of having a primary care physician who is connected to a bigger network, such as Baptist Health, is that I can communicate very easily with other Baptist Health providers. That’s beneficial to you and us. We can do our job better, which means you get better care.

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