Benefits of Hospice Services

Baptist Health Madisonville: Benefits of Hospice Services

Doctor BRIAN CHANEY, MD explains how Hospice helps improve the quality of life for patients in their last months, while also providing pastoral support to their families.

Benefits of Hospice Services Health Talks Transcript

Brian W. Chaney, MD, Director of Hospice Services:
Hospice is not a place, as thought by many people, but more a process where we most of the time provide care in the patient’s home and emphasize quality over quantity, and comfort more than cure, so that we can help a patient die with dignity.

Kellie Gipson:
It offered a very comfortable feeling knowing that they were there when we needed them. It was a very short amount of time that my mom was in Hospice and that short amount of time made me realize how wonderful they really are. They offered their everything. Whatever we needed they were there at the blink of an eye. It made everything for her very dignified.

Dr. Chaney:
We’re there with the patient literally in the last six months of life and we continue with those families even after the death of the patient. We provide counseling services. We provide pastoral care services, general nursing services, so it really is a full package to provide complete care to not only the patient, but also the family. Hospice is about making the patient’s time on earth much better. It’s not about the end of life. It’s to help them make what life they have left more enjoyable and Baptist Health Hospice can really do that for you.

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