Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Baptist Health Madisonville: Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonologist THOMAS GALLO, MD, describes how pulmonary rehabilitation helps patients with COPD and other lung diseases improve strength, mood and energy levels through supervised exercise.

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Health Talks Transcript

Thomas Gallo, MD, Pulmonology
Pulmonary rehab is an intervention, which includes exercise training, education and behavioral change to improve the physical and psychological condition of a patient with chronic respiratory disease.

Patients who have had a hospitalization for an exacerbation of their respiratory disease, upon discharge, they should consider pulmonary rehabilitation. If they’re an outpatient, if they note that their shortness of breath is increasing despite maximum medication, they should consider pulmonary rehabilitation.

Carol Bentley
Pulmonary rehab gave me my life back. When I first started coming here, I couldn’t even open the door to this place. I had COPD really badly. I weighed 100 pounds. I had no muscle. I was dragging oxygen with me everywhere I went.

Dr. Gallo
The patient, of course, is put on various machinery — stair stepper, bicycle, arm exerciser, treadmills, and the patient is under monitoring when this is happening, of course. As the patient’s exercise talents improve, his energy goes up, and also his mood improves, that is, it lessons depressive symptoms.

Carol Bentley
It gave me back my life. I’m able to breathe without oxygen, and it’s given me muscles. I’ve gained 30 pounds, and I don’t have to drag that oxygen around anymore.

Dr. Gallo
It offers them hope, hope for a better quality of life.

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