Centering Pregnancy Program


Baptist Health Madisonville: Centering Pregnancy Program

Certified nurse midwife SARAH ALMON HIBBS describes how the Centering Pregnancy Program at Baptist Health Madisonville supports expectant mothers by helping them play a role in their prenatal care.


Centering Pregnancy Program Health Talks Transcript 

Sarah Almon Hibbs, Certified Nurse Midwife

Centering is a model of prenatal care that incorporates an assessment piece where patients are seen individually and evaluated as they would be for any traditional prenatal visit, but then it incorporates a group component, so that women join other women who are also pregnant and due at the same time as them, and we do some group education and the women get support from one another in that setting.

Ashley Baucum, Madisonville

Centering has definitely made a difference because I feel like I get more time with Sarah, you know, so more time with her and you get more information out of her than you do in five or 10 minutes. I get two hours with her here, so you learn a lot more than you do in your 10-minute doctor’s appointment.

Sarah Almon Hibbs

They come in and sort of take ownership of some of their responsibility for the visit, which includes checking their own weight, checking their own blood pressures, and being able to record those in their books.

Ashley Baucum

To me it helps me because I feel like I’m doing good if everything stays the same.

Sarah Almon Hibbs

When you bring a diverse group of women together, each woman brings something personal and special to the group, and has things to offer the other women that are beneficial. It’s not all about what I can give them. It’s about what they can give each other.

Ashley Baucum

It’s the greatest experience ever. I love it.


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