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Baptist Health Madisonville: Flu Symptoms & Prevention

As winter nears, be sure to recognize the symptoms and signs of the flu. Find out how Baptist Health can help you prevent the flu and keep your family healthy.

Flu Symptoms & Prevention HealthTalks Transcript

R. Lamont Wood, MD
Flu is a viral illness caused by either influenza A or B. It’s one of those illnesses that comes around on a seasonal basis. As a result, people, when they get this infection, they run a fever, they have achy joints, achy muscles. Actually, they just feel as if they’re sicker than they’ve ever been. I’ve had some people tell me they hurt so much that their teeth hurt, and it usually takes a few days for them to get over it.

Flu is checked by a flu swab or screen. It is performed at your physician’s office or at an urgent care clinic. They do the swab and check it. Within a few minutes, you know whether you have the illness or not.

You can take an immunization that covers both influenza A and B. You get it usually from October to November. The sooner you get it, the more time your body has to develop immunity.

There have been years where people have died from the flu. Usually, it tends to be in the very old and the very young. That being the case, it’s very important to get those people immunized.

If you’ve got the flu, you should stay home and try to stay away from others, because there is fear that you can spread it.

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