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Baptist Health Madisonville: Getting Pregnant After Birth Control

If you are ready to start a family, getting pregnant after birth control could be easy and straightforward. Learn more about family planning at Baptist Health.

Getting Pregnant After Birth Control in Madisonville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Christopher Squires, DO, OB/GYN:
There are multiple forms of contraception available for people to choose from right now on the market. Some of the options available are oral contraceptive pills, IUDs, which are either Paragard® or Mirena®, injections, implantable devices and NuvaRing®, along with condoms and other barrier methods that are available. Most of the different forms of birth control are very effective. IUDs, like Paragard and Mirena, Nexplanon®, which is an implantable device in your arm, and the Depo-Provera shot tend to be the most effective. These are 99% effective or greater.

When a patient is ready for pregnancy, reversing most of these types of birth control is very straightforward and easy. Many of the forms that last for a longer period of time, like Nexplanon, that’s three years, Paragard IUD that’s 10 years, or the Mirena IUD that’s five years, are called long-acting, reversible contraceptives. These are able to be placed and removed very easily whenever you are ready for pregnancy. There is no one best form of birth control for any specific patient. Generally, I talk to patients and find an area where they feel comfortable, and we will start with a certain birth control in that family. We can change as needed until we find the one that works well for each patient.

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