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Baptist Health Madisonville: Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Patients with Type 2 diabetes should focus on diet and exercise to avoid complications from their condition. Learn more about living with Type 2 diabetes.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes in Madisonville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Jamie Miller, APRN, Endocrinology:
There are two major defects with Type 2 diabetes. Number one is insulin resistance, and number two is insulin deficiencies. Some complications if a person has diabetes and it’s left untreated are: they can develop diabetic retinopathy, which is a diabetic eye disease where they bleed behind the eyes and they can lose their vision; they can develop renal failure, where patients end up on kidney dialysis and have foot pain due to neuropathy, or nerve damage in the feet; and patients can get cuts or scratches that lead to bad infections, and that can lead to amputations down the road.

Typically, if a person can exercise 30 minutes a day approximately five times a week and adhere to a diet of low carbohydrates, for women 45 to 50 grams per meal and men 60 to 75 grams per meal, this can lower their insulin resistance. My number one goal, I hope, is that patients learn what their diabetic goals are, and they communicate with their providers to make sure they’re achieving these goals. Hopefully, we can prevent those three, dreaded complications from diabetes.

When you have a patient come in and tell you how thankful they are that you’ve helped them with their blood sugars, it hits you in the heart. It makes you happy that you can help people in your local community.

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Diabetes is a chronic condition so it’s important to learn how to manage type 2 diabetes.

How to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

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