Baptist Health’s Meds to Beds Program in Madisonville, Kentucky

Baptist Health Madisonville: Baptist Health’s Meds to Beds Program

Baptist Health’s Meds to Beds program delivers medications to patients before they leave the hospital. Learn how the program provides patient education on medication use and side effects.

Baptist Health’s Meds to Beds Program in Madisonville, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Margo Ashby, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy:
Our meds to beds program is a program where our outpatient retail pharmacy provides prescriptions at the time of discharge. At the time of discharge, often there are a lot of things that are going on. Family members and patients are anxious to go home. One thing that happens at discharge is you get changes in your medication prescriptions. One thing we can do for patients at discharge is they can request a pharmacist to come to their bedside and discuss their medications with them to help them understand what their medications are being used for and help them to know when to take it and how to take it and the best way to take it to provide safe medication and optimize their medication use.

This service will actually provide them with their medications kind of like it’s just wrapped up in a little gift ready to go home. This is one last stop they have to make. We’ve had a lot of compliments and a lot of patients who have said this is a great service to provide to them because it does help them to understand their medication, have their medications in their hands when they walk out the door. Hopefully, with the education and with providing these medications, we can prevent future re-admissions that may be related to patients not understanding what their medications are being used for.

Learn more about the Retail Pharmacy at Baptist Health Madisonville including hours, location, and telephone number.

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