New Heart Valve Clinic

Baptist Health Madisonville: New Heart Valve Clinic

Cardiac surgeon WAYNE LIPSON explains how heart valve disease develops and describes how Baptist Health’s multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive treatment through its Heart Valve Clinic.

New Heart Valve Clinic Health Talks Transcript

Wayne Lipson, MD, Cardiac Surgery
In our heart, we have four valves. The purpose of the valve is when fluid transfers or blood transfers from one chamber to the next, the valve closes, another one opens, and blood continues to move. What happens in disease is that the valve becomes either leaky or stenotic, meaning difficult to open, so instead of blood freely flowing from the heart through the valve, it has difficulty getting out because of this stenosis, or blockage if you will. And, that can occur from calcium. That can occur over a lifetime, being an acquired or a congenital malformation, which we call bicuspid disease, which calcifies a lot sooner. Here in Madisonville, we have started a valve clinic. Right now, we’re the only facility in Western Kentucky that has a valve clinic. A valve clinic is a multidisciplinary team, which evaluates and diagnoses simple to complex valve disorders. After assessing the patient, the cardiologist, cardiac surgeons and nurse practitioners meet to discuss the simplicity or the complexity of the disease and from that point, we can give the patient the best options for their treatment.

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