One-Stop Medical Center and Urgent Care in Powderly

Baptist Health Madisonville: One-Stop Medical Center and Urgent Care in Powderly

Learn about the one-stop urgent care and medical center at Baptist Health Madisonville’s Powderly location. Discover the convenience of having a state-of-the-art medical clinic and pharmacy right in the Powderly area.

One-Stop Medical Center and Urgent Care in Powderly HealthTalks Transcript

Cheri Fogle, APRN, Primary Care:
The services that we provide here at Baptist Health Powderly are varied. We have primary care on one end of the clinic, and that supports 10 providers for primary care. On the other end of the clinic, we have urgent care, and urgent care is open 8 to 8, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 on Saturday, and 12 to 5 on Sundays. We also offer lab facilities, so the patient can become more compliant, with easy access for labs. If they’re seen in the office, we can easily send them down the hall to obtain their X-rays and labs immediately. We also have a pharmacy here in the clinic, and they can pick up their prescriptions on the way home.

We have several specialists that come here periodically throughout the week. That’s very convenient for patients because they don’t have to travel. They can come right here, see their primary care provider, go right down the hall, and see their specialist.

So many of the providers here are local. We grew up in the area. We went to school and then came back to provide medical care here. This was a clinic designed with a vision of a large one-stop facility for medical care.

I love working in Powderly. This is what I know. This is where I grew up. I enjoy taking care of the people that I see on a daily basis in the community.

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