Screening for Breast Cancer

Baptist Health Madisonville: Screening for Breast Cancer

Radiologist NEAL ROSNER, MD describes how 3D mammography helps doctors find and treat breast cancer earlier because they can see changes they might miss on a regular mammogram.

Screening for Breast Cancer Health Talks Transcript

Neal H. Rosner, MD, Diagnostic Radiology:
3-D mammography lets us see structures, masses, architectural distortions that you may not be able to see on a regular mammogram. It’s especially good in those women who have very dense breasts. The images on the 3-D mammogram, it’s a tomogram, which means we’re starting from the left, going to the right or starting from the top going to the bottom. So you can see everything at different depths. So, it gives us a little bit more of an advantage. A 3-D mammography test is not that much different from the 2-D. You still have the 2-D as part of the examination. It may take a little bit longer, but you still have some compression of the breast in order to see its structures better.

Nadine Jennings:
I come to my doctor every year for my checkup and of course I always go for my mammogram. I’ve had a mammogram every year since I was 40, and I’m 77 years old. She called me about the second day I was over here and said an abnormality had shown up that wasn’t there a year ago, to come in for further testing. Then when I did that, the doctor down there, the radiologist, advised that I would get a biopsy done. So, it showed up as cancer.

Dr. Rosner:
With 3D mammo tomography, we are finding things that we might miss otherwise.

Nadine Jennings:
Girls, get your mammogram – and older women, too.

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