Emergency Stroke Treatment (tPA) in Madisonville, KY

Baptist Health Madisonville: Emergency Stroke Treatment (tPA)

It’s important to receive stroke treatment within hours of experiencing symptoms. Learn more about emergency TPA treatment for strokes from Baptist Health.

Emergency Stroke Treatment (tPA) in Madisonville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Robbie Jones, APRN, Neurology:
Stroke is a sudden disruption of blood flow to part of the brain, which deprives the brain of needed oxygen and can cause damage to brain cells. It’s very important to call 911, instead of having someone drive you to the hospital during a stroke. Our EMS can assess the patient. They call ahead and let our emergency room know that there is a stroke [patient] on the way. Every minute you wait, you lose 1.9 million neurons.

If you get to the hospital in time, we can give a medicine called TPA. It’s a clot-busting medication, but you have to present within three to 4 ½ hours from the time your symptoms began. The sooner you get here, the greater the chance TPA has of working. So, time is of the essence.

We have some wonderful teleneurologists. We have four of them. The cart’s rolled into the room. They come on video. They assess the patient. They see the patient. They talk to the patient and decide whether they’re a candidate for TPA or not.

I am really happy that we have this program in Madisonville now, simply because you don’t have to go 40 minutes down the road. Being close, and people being able to get in here quickly where they can get the treatment they need, their chances of recovering are a lot better.

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