Blocked Artery Treatment in Madisonville

Baptist Health Madisonville: Blocked Artery Treatment

There are several ways to treat a blocked artery. When you experience chest pain, Baptist Health’s advanced team can diagnose blockages and restore blood flow to your heart quickly. Learn more about our cardiac testing and heart catheterization procedures.

Blocked Artery Treatment HealthTalks Transcript

B.N. Sreekumar, MD
Cardiac catheterization is a procedure used to diagnose several different heart conditions. When a patient comes to the hospital with chest pain, and testing shows that it could be from blockages in the heart arteries, a cardiac catheterization might be indicated.

During a heart catheterization procedure, the patient is brought to an X-ray suite, and a thin hollow tube is advanced through a large artery that leads to the heart. The contrast containing iodine is injected. Images of the heart arteries are obtained. This helps us evaluate the heart arteries and see if there are any blockages that might be causing the chest pain.

If you do find a blockage that is deemed significant, one could proceed with a balloon procedure or a stent procedure. What that involves is passing a catheter tipped with a small balloon. The balloon is inflated to open up the blockage. After, a stainless steel mesh, which is called the stent, can be placed, and this props open the blockage. When a patient has chest pain, it is very important to seek medical help quickly because time is muscle.

Fortunately, at Baptist Health, we have a very competent team able to take care of this problem. Very frequently, we are able to open it up within 30 to 40 minutes.

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