Urgent Care Treatment for Minor Illnesses

Baptist Health Madisonville: Urgent Care Treatment for Minor Illnesses

William McClure, MD, outlines the wide range of physician-led services available in Urgent Care clinics and explains how to know if you should seek emergency care.

Urgent Care Treatment for Minor Illnesses Health Talks Transcript

William McClure, MD
Here at Baptist Health Madisonville Urgent Care, we see a wide range of illnesses, mainly minor illnesses, minor injuries. We do sports physicals. We provide point-of-care testing, which is strep testing, mono testing, urinalysis testing, microscope work. We do influenza screening. We do RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] screening. We do our own X-rays here as well. We see orthopedic injuries, we see a little bit of everything. If [you’re] able to walk in the door, we should be able to see [you].

If [you] can’t walk in the door, [you] probably should go to the Emergency Department. People who are having common illnesses — colds, cough, flu — we can certainly evaluate them here and download some of the pressure off the Emergency Department. The Emergency Department is exactly that — it’s for emergencies. People will think a cough or a child with an earache is an emergency. You spend a lot of time sitting while more critical patients are being taken care of. You can be seen at Urgent Care a lot faster, in a more timely manner, and a lot less expensive than going through the Emergency Department.

Not all urgent cares have a physician on-site. With a physician on staff at all times, we’re able to assist the nurse practitioners with patients who require a little bit more expertise with treatment plans and diagnosis. Having a physician-led Urgent Care allows the patient to be seen in a more complete manner.

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