Mother’s Day Healthy Gifts

Mother’s Day is Sunday! Here are some great gift ideas that not only make moms feel good, they’re good for them, too.

  • Gift basket. Instead of candy or flowers, give your mom a personalized gift basket to help get or keep her healthy. Include items such as exercise bands, a jump rope, hand weights or a healthy cookbook.
  • Gym passes. Most moms are so busy taking care of their families that they forget to make time to take care of themselves. If your mom is a fan of spinning or wants to give yoga a try, set her up for a few classes at your local gym. Most facilities offer gift certificates or class passes that you can purchase for mom to try at her leisure. Better yet, go to a class with her!
  • Spa day. Spa days can be very helpful in reducing stress and relaxing – something all Moms need. Depending on your budget, include a massage, facial, manicure and/or pedicure. Or make your mom a spa kit. Include items such as bath soaps, salts or a cozy robe.
  • New sneakers. Want to motivate your mom to exercise and create opportunities to share time together? Give her a new pair of sneakers. Invite her to take a walk with you each week. This is a great way to spend time together and talk, and the new sneakers are a perfect way to help her ease into a fitness journey.
  • Technology. Today’s technology provides numerous options to keep your mom healthy. How about a fitness band, pedometer or a heart rate monitor to keep stats on her workout, calories burned or distances covered? Or stick with something simple. Give her an iTunes gift card so she can download some workout music or a fitness app.
  • Jogging stroller. Did your wife just have a baby this year? Get her a jogging stroller for young children to ride around in while she power walks or runs. There are versions of these jogging strollers that can be attached to a bicycle, too.

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