Nursing Your Newborn

Baptist Health Madisonville Nursing Your Newborn

Pediatrician Sheena Buchanan, DO, emphasizes the important role a dedicated breast-feeding consultant plays in the success of a new nursing mother and her baby.

Nursing Your Newborn HealthTalks Transcript

Sheena Buchanan, DO, Pediatrics
Well, you learn that you’re expecting a child, and that’s an important and exciting time in your life and naturally you start to think about baby names and nursery colors. But this is also an important time to think about your baby’s nutrition as well. Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months of life. Solid foods can then be introduced after that period, in addition to the continuation of breast milk, for a minimum of 12 months.

Audrey Schell, Madisonville, Kentucky
We started breast-feeding immediately, the lactation consultant here really helped with the latching and pumping, and just breast-feeding consistently.

Dr. Buchanan
The first two weeks of breast-feeding are often difficult. Mothers gain the knowledge about proper latching techniques and ways to increase the breast milk supply for a more successful experience.

Audrey Schell
The support group was helpful because we all had questions, and we could all help each other. And, the lactation consultant could give us advice while we were asking each other the questions that we had. Having one nurse dedicated to lactation was beneficial because, while everyone else was so busy, she could sit for however long it took to really help with a good latch and a good bond between the baby and I. To someone who is just beginning this journey, I would say, don’t get discouraged immediately if it doesn’t take on, from the get-go, from the first day. It’s going take a while, but it’s ultimately worth it.

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