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Baptist Health Paducah: Advanced Cancer Care Clinic

Our advanced cancer care clinic has comprehensive range of oncology services for all types of cancers. Get cancer care treatment near your home in Paducah.

Advanced Cancer Care Clinic in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Peter Locken, MD, Radiation Oncology:
Here at the Ray and Kay Eckstein Cancer Center at Baptist Health Paducah, we have a very comprehensive range of oncology services, really much more sophisticated than you would expect for a community of our size. The oncology world has national standards for each type of malignancy, whether it’s breast cancer, prostate cancer or lung cancer. As an accredited center, we follow those guidelines so people can feel that they’re getting the national standard of care, but do it in their community surrounded by their family and loved ones.

Robert Gandy, medical physicist:
At our center we offer very advanced techniques. One of them is stereotactic radiotherapy. We’re able to target the tumor very accurately down to about a centimeter in size, which is quite small. While at the same time, we can miss or spare the surrounding healthy tissue to a large degree. This is a tremendously powerful treatment technique that we’re able to offer our patients.

Dr. Locken:
The whole process of going through treatment for a malignancy is very devastating to a person, emotionally, financially, and not just the patient, but the entire family is affected. If a person lives in Paducah or lives in one of the nearby communities, they don’t have to relocate and be away from their friends and family and support group. Patients are able to stay at home, stay in their daily routine as much as possible, and to enjoy their life with as much normalcy to it as possible. We’re very blessed to have the facilities that wehave at here at the Ray and Kay Eckstein Cancer Center.

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