Benefits of Implants for Erectile Dysfunction in Paducah, KY


Baptist Health Paducah: Benefits of Implants for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implants can treat erectile dysfunction when medical treatments become ineffective. Learn about the benefits of penile implants with Baptist Health.

Benefits of Implants for Erectile Dysfunction in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Andrew Evans, MD, Urology:
A candidate for a penile implant is a man suffering from erectile dysfunction and medical treatments have become either no longer effective, or have bothersome side effects. Risk factors for ED include hypertension, diabetes, aging, and prostate cancer treatments. It should never be considered a normal part of aging, and in almost all cases, it’s a treatable condition.

Penny Emery, patient:
I had prostate surgery, and when it was all over, I was just completely impotent. It gives you a lot of mental distress, I felt inadequate.

Dr. Evans:
There are a couple different models of penile implant. The inflatable penile implant is the most common implant because it’s discrete and totally concealable and feels more like a natural erection. Penile implant consists of a well-tolerated, outpatient, 45-minute procedure done through a small incision in the scrotum. Men can generally return to work within one to two weeks and use the implant in four to six weeks.

I am absolutely overjoyed, would be the word for it. It’s amazing. You feel whole again, your confidence comes back, and you’re ready to attack the day a little bit better. If I had known what this was going to do for me, I would have had it five, six years ago, as soon as possible.


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